Woman, 21

Hetero sexual Finland

School has been educating me about contraceptive methods since I was 10-12 years old. Teachers thought us in health education classes that if you don’t use a condom or other contraception methods, you will get pregnant. Moving to junior high school (ages 13-15) we got more and more information about sex and preventing pregnancy; we even had a class where everyone had to put on a condom to a banana.

So when the time came for me and my boyfriend to try sex for the first time, we first went to buy condoms. It was a little embarrasing of course but they selled them to us anyway. Later I saw our school nurse and asked for contraceptive pill, since it is more effective than condoms.

I would say Finnish sex education is good, at least it has been for me, since I feel I knew everything I needed to know. Adults are aware that young people will have sex eventually, given the promission or not. So if a 14-year-old wants condoms/pills, they sell it to them because they know it’s better, than to do it without contraseptive methods, even if it might feel ‘wrong’ to encourage someone that young to have sex. All the adults in school, in health care units have been very friendly and helpful with me.

In Finland the biggest problem is usually that the girls are left with the bill of the pills or what ever you are using. Especially if your partners change over time. Pills or rings can be quite expencive. Luckily this boyfriend I am still having a relationship 6 years later splits the bill with me. But I know that is not the case with everyone else.

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